Sunday, April 24, 2011

It's All About Me, Isn't It?

I is vewy confuzzeled.  I is always looking for attention and I usually gets it.  Whenever mommy is round I run to her and twy to get her to play.  Most da time she stops and plays wif me, but sometimes she doesn't and I gets mad.  I go find a good place to pout.  When mommy sees me pouting she says, "Otis, it's not all about you!"

Afta while I forgets bout pouting cuz mommy start makin fuss bout me.  She takes me to get groomed and den starts taking piccies of me again! She always chasing me round da house twying to gets me to pose for her.  She takes so many piccies dat I start to feel like a celebrity.

I mean if Oprah can has her piccie on da cover of every magazine, den I guess I can has piccies of me on my bloggy.

Since mommy keeps sending me mixed messages I thought I would make a quick post to my bloggy and ask my anipal furriends what dey thinks.  

Is it or is it not all bout me?


  1. yes why not it's all about us anipals, YES.

  2. Its definitly all abowt YOU! *smooch*

  3. Thanks yoo Pandy. Dats what I thought but I just wanted to check wif my furriends.

  4. Well for sure it's all about you pal. Our oomans get silly ideas sometimes. I get mad at M too when she doesn't play with me long enugh. Never mind that sometimes I turn my back to her when she trying to play with me. She should just keep trying cuz it's all about ME too.

  5. OF COURSE IT'S ALL ABOUT YOU OTIS! Sorry for shouting but sometimes the hoomans can be deaf! MOL! But I do think that while your Mommy loves you to the moon & back sometimes she might have "other things to do." Like make your dinner! But beyond a doubt it is all about us anipals!
    <3 Lily

  6. It is all about you Otis and don't you let her forget it!
    Cairn cuddles, Oz

  7. Yes, of course its about us anipals Otis, but we have to remember humums too, and different people who we might now know. Sometimes we get it wrong, I do with Mom sometimes. I love all my anipals, I love all my friends.

    Dash Kitten

  8. Dear Otis. It is always all about you! Else how can you be so fun and entertaining? I'm with you fur sure! Love, Otis (& Pixel & #AngelJinny), but mostly OTIS!