Monday, September 20, 2010

A New Beginning

From Fresh Otis to Otis The Poodle

Hello Everyone,

Don't let da name of da blog fool yoo.  I am always gonna be Fresh Otis.  I got dat name because mommy said I was always getting into things, yoo know, like trouble.  

So, mommy created a blog for me two years ago when I was three but then forgot all about it.  It was a lovely blog and I would really like to use it but it seems dat it would be too difficult to try to transfer it.  Just in case I can't get into da old one, I thought I would try to create a new one.  Let's see what dis looks like after I finish typing.  I not so sure mommy is a good blogger.  I think I might be better at it than she was. Stay tuned.  Maybe we use dis one, maybe we use da udder one.  Either way, I iz on my blogging journey and I couldn't be happier! Woof!