Saturday, February 26, 2011

Furriends Forever

Recently mommy's friend Liza passed away from cancer.  It was a vewy sad time for mommy and me cuz Liza was my friend too.  When she would come to visit us we always did fun and special things togeva.  One day mommy was sitting on da sofa reading a book and I was cuddling right next to her likes I always do.  I asked her how long she was gonna be sad for.  She said she would always be a little sad because she couldn't see her friend but mostly evertime she thought bout Liza she would smile.  She said dat was always gonna happen cuz she has so many fun and happy memories of Liza dat she couldn't helps but smile.

My furriend Tez decided to go for long walk away from his house last week. All his fambly and furriends has been looking for him eva since.  I told mommy dat it made me sad cuz maybe if Tez not come home I might neva see him again.  Mommy asked me to tell her bout all da times Tez and me and our furriends did stuff togeva.  So I started to thinks bout does times.

Likes da time Tez and me and our furriends gots to pull Santa's sleigh at Christmastime.

and da time dat we all went to visit Tez in Ibiza afta Paris Shopping twip for @Petiethecat and @Pandafur Shower.

and da time dat Tez, me and da boyz started da Bad Boyz of Twitter!

and den der was my wedding wif @Tallulahsmom
Of course Tez was a groomsmancat
We all had so much fun!

When I thinks of deese times I find myself smiling and I not feel so bad.

I talked to Tez's mommy bout missing Tez.  She has bin like a mommy to me and Tez's furriends and we loves her and her whole fambly.  She decided to write a special letter to Tez's furriends and wif her purrmission I gots to put it here in my bloggie, so here it is:

My dear, lovely friends,

Well, it is now a week since we last saw Tez, and whilst I realise that this is not too long in comparison to other cats' disappearances, I  feel I owe it to you all to be honest and let you know my true feelings here.

I have had the joy of living with Tez for over sixteen years, and in that time, I have developed a very strong, almost psychic, connection with him.  I have spent a lot of time over these last few days, sitting quietly and “tuning in” to him and I have to tell you that the sense I get is that Tez has chosen this to be his time to cross the Rainbow Bridge.  I know that this is upsetting – I'm crying as I write – but in actual fact, the reason that I sense this, is very positive...I get absolutely no sense of Tez being injured, or lost, or trapped, or scared, or in any kind of danger; the only sense I get is one of deep peace and contentment. 

Let's not forget, Tez is 16 years old, which is the equivalent of an 80 year old person.  As most of you know, he had been ill a couple of weeks ago with gastroenteritis which he seemed to recover fully from, but I'm wondering if the stress of going the vets every day (and he hated going in the car), having to be force-fed and all the antibiotics & other meds he had to take actually had a more damaging effect than we realised.  At the end of the day, he wasn't used to it...previous to that, do you know how many times in 16 years we had to take Tez to the vets because he was ill?  Answer...none.  He quite literally was never, ever ill and I don't know about you, but if I get to 80 years old and never ail for anything, then I'll be more than happy.

Please don't think for a minute that we are giving up on Tez.  His dad and I will be out searching and shouting for him for a long, long time yet and I hope and pray that he'll come strutting through the door and prove me wrong here, but the special bond that we have always shared feels to be gently telling me that he knew it was his time to take himself off somewhere peaceful and drift into his forever sleep...and also reassuring me that he's very happy about it. 

The other sense I get is that Tez sees absolutely no reason why this should stop him tweeting.  Lots of anipals tweet from over the Rainbow Bridge, and whilst I am a bit reluctant just yet to add Tez to this wonderful group of furriends...because, obviously, we don't know for sure...I think that the sensible, mature and practical thing to do here, is to acknowledge that Tez has, in fact, been abducted by the most loving, friendly and intelligent aliens (!!).  Tez will be coming back very soon to tweet as himself, but rather than as a “16 year tabby boy etc” he will be “The Intergalactic Cat of Mystery” which, I think we can all agree, suits him to a tee.  More to the point, he will now be playing a stronger role in helping all anipals and their humans whenever they need it – his mission (which is why he was abducted and has been in training for the last week) is to work for the greater good of all animals, the world over.  He will be there to help, support, comfort, heal, problem-solve, trouble-shoot, or simply to lend an ear for anyone at all who needs it.  And, of course, it goes without saying, he will be hanging out with his beloved mousecateer buddies and all his other wonderful furriends, getting drunk with Leo, going to pawties, weddings, nipclub etc etc. 

If anyone is familiar with the Law of Attraction, you'll know that this states that if we want to attract something into our life, then we should act as though we already have it so, who knows, perhaps by stopping seeing Tez as “missing” this might be the very thing that brings him back into our lives – if he is still just wandering about somewhere.  And if not, well, we will still have brought him back, just in a different, better guise, and this should help us in feeling less sad and upset all the time...which Tez would definitely not want.

I do hope that I've expressed myself OK here, and that this makes sense.  TabbyTezTweets lives on in determination to have an even more pawsitive effect on the world and his many furriends.  Words could never express how grateful I am to this amazing Twitter community, and I hope that by becoming more active in helping wherever possible, Tez and I can, in some way, pay it forward.  Bethany and Mishka will be opening their own Twitter account soon, too – so we are all united and happy together again.

If anyone wants to contact me, please do feel free to DM, or mail me at

Sending you all our love,

Jinny & Tez

Tez is my vewy special furriend and I loves him so.  I not exactly sure where he is right now and I thinks, knowing Tez, dat he is planning sum tin vewy special to supwise us wif.  

So I is gonna sit quietly now and thinks more bout how special Tez is to me and my furriends and look forward to when I is gonna see him again.  Tez, yoo is my furriend forever!