Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I can't reach!  I strain my neck, stretch my paws, stand on my back legs, wiggle my tail, and I still can't reach.

I stop, think, look around and decide to take anudder approach.

I can see it from where I is but I just can't get der.

There is a stool, but no blankie on top of it so I might slip and fall.

What if I push da table?  If I run and push real hard maybe I can knock it off da table.  Once it's off da table I can grab it and run.  Nobody is around, I just knows I can do it!  I just knows it!

Uh oh, I hear sumbody comin.  I run back to da sofa and sit like I was here all along.  It's mommy.  She's looking at me like she knows sumtin.  I look back at her wif my real innocent look.  I think she is convinced.  She leaves da room wif da laundry.  I thinks she is going upstairs.  I listen.  I wait.

Ok, dis is it.  I run all da way from da play room to da dining room and realize I can jump on da chair.  I won't fall from da chair for sure and den I can get up on da table and reach it afta all.

I run and jump up on da chair and quickly jump on da table....and......IT'S GONE!

Where did it go?  I saw mommy come in da house wif it...I knows I did, I just knows it.  I looks around.  Where did she put it?  I don't understand.  I sniff. Sniff.  Sniff. Sniff.  Nuffin!

What am I gonna do now?  I get off da table, jump to da chair and down to da floor.  I is defeated.

I had bin lickin my mowff for awhile now.  I thought dat by now I would be eating da most delicious tweat I eva had.  I could see it, smell it and thought about it for da whole morning.  I can't believe it is gone.  I thought it was for me, but maybe sumbody else in da house got it.  My brofur?  Maybe he ate it when he came home from school.  Maybe it was hooman food and I not supposed to eat dat.  But it would have bin so yummy.

I walk back to da sofa.  No, I feel too bad to sit on da sofa.  I gonna go lay down in my doggie bed.  My doggie bed makes me feel so much better.  I settle in.  Still thinking about dat delicious smelling tweat.  
My eyes is getting heavy.  I getting sleepy.

I hear sumbody coming.  It's mommy.  She says she got sumtin for me.  She calling me.
I bounce outta my doggie bed.  She is sitting on da sofa.  I jump up on da sofa.
She opens a bag.  Oh my goodness, dat smell!  It's dat smell I smelled dis morning.  Is it? Could it be? I stick my nose in da bag.  It is! It is!

Mommy said I can has a couple because I was a good boy today and was vewy well behaved!  She said she couldn't believe dat I didn't twy to jump up on da table to get da tweat.  She said she is vewy proud of me.

Shhhhh!   Mommy doesn't need to know everthing!