Friday, March 25, 2011

Where Do I Belong?

I sees lots of anipals getting adopted.  Once dey get a new fambly and forever home dey feel safe and loved.  Der new fambly does everthing to makes dem feel likes dey finally has a place where dey belong.  It such a wunderful feeling to knows dat yoo belong.  I likes dat feeling too.  My home is where I belong wif my fambly.

Mommy and me was talking bout dis da udder day.  I asked her to tell me da story of how she found me cuz I didn't remember since I was so little.  She said, "Otis, we didn't find yoo, YOO found us".  Dis confuzzeled me so she continued to splain it to me.

Mommy, daddy and my brofurs wanted to gets a pet.  Dey knew dat dey couldn't get a kitteh cuz my brofur is allergic so bad wif asthma.  Dey wanted to gets a doggie dat not makes my brofur sick.  Mommy said dey didn't knows where to get a doggie and so dey just kept talking bout it, but didn't get one.

One day, dey all four was in da car and decided to stop at a yard sale.  While dey was shopping dey heard puppies barking. (It was me mostly, cuz I barks a lot)  Da lady at da yard sale said dat she had mini poodle puppies for sale to a good home.  Mommy, daddy and my brofurs came to da back of da house and sees me playing wif my siblings.  Mommy said I was looking at her and barking to her to pick me.  She said dat she picked me up and held me and knew right den dat I belong wif her.

Because dis lady live in our neighborhood, sumtimes, we gets to see my siblings and der famblies.  It like a reunion kinda.  Mommy said she was glad bout dis cuz she didn't like separating me from my siblings.  Mommy splained dat when she was little like me, she had siblings too but got separated from dem.  She said dat she lived in foster homes and an orphanage and dat she missed her fambly.  She said she neva saw dem again and for a long time didn't knows where she belonged.  She said dat when she was nine years old she finally gots a forever home.  She always remembered her siblings and knew dat one day she would go to look for dem.  She found dem many years later and dey all see each udder now and visit, like a reunion.  Just likes me and my siblings.

Knowing where yoo belong is vewy impawtant I thinks.  It makes yoo feel loved, safe, and not alone.  Dat how I feel when I is tweeting wif my anipal furriends on Twitter.  Everbody make each udder feel likes dey belong.  Mommy and me makes sure everday dat we say pawprayers dat all anipals feel likes dey has a place where dey belong cuz one day we knows dat pawprayer gonna come true.


  1. What a lovely story, Otis! -@grrlysquirrel75

  2. Oh Otis - this is a beautiful blog! Mom has laeky eyes.... You are the sweetest, most loving doggie and I'm so glad you're my furiend! i'm glad your Mommy found her family, it's so impurrtant to know where we come from. You & your Mommy are pawsome!
    <3 Lily

  3. That is a beautiful story! I am glad you have each other! Also you beautiful wife Tallulah!
    Princess Gwenie!

  4. What a bootiful story you has Otis. I is so happy your family found you - at a yard sale of all places. Who would ever think dat puppy adoption could take place there. It was meant to be for sure.

  5. So beautiful.... You made mom cry. When I was adopted I was the last kitten left in the shelter, and my brothers were all gone. Mom says I was waiting for her! IRS such fun having a home.
    Love to you and your family!! See you in twitter :-)