Saturday, October 30, 2010


It's Halloween. Everbody has dey costume ready.  Sum costumes are better den udders.  I asked mommy if I could get a super hero costume.  I thought maybe I could be Super Poodle or sum tin like dat.  She said dat she already bought my costume and dat I was gonna go as a Maine Lobstah.  I was not happy.  Mostly da reason I wanted to go as a super hero was dat I thought I would has more courage and not be fraid when da twik or tweeters came round da house.  I can get fraid of stuff like thunderboomers and fireworks and sum times even da wind can makes me run for cover.  I thought if I had a Super Poodle costume, I would not be fraid on Halloween.  I really wanted to look like I has lots of courage.

I told mommy I was worried bout dis and she said sumtin I didn't understand at first.  She said I didn't need to has a super hero costume to not be fraid.  She said lots of people don't has super hero costumes but dat dey was super heros anyways.  At first dis not makes any sense to me at all.  I wundered how can yoo be a super hero wifout a super hero costume?  Mommy said dat lots of people has courage.  She said dat its sumtimes da kind of courage yoo can neva see. I was thinking what kind of courage it could be dat yoo don't eva see and how dat gonna protect me?

Mommy explained to me dat der is da kind of courage likes a person who is vewy sick wif cancer and has to go get a medicine called chemotherapy. She said dey has lots of courage. She said der is peoples who has sum one dey love die and dey feels so sad but dey keeps going.  Mommy said dey has lots of courage too.  She said it takes lots of courage to sum times let go of sum thing or sum one yoo love to lets dem be free even tho it hurts yoo lots.  Dat takes lots of courage mommy said.

Da more I thoughts about what mommy said da more I realized dat I could be courageous too.  I just has to be good and kind and loving ever day.  Now when I looks around I can imagine lots and lots of courageous peoples around me even wifout da super hero costume.

I guess being a Maine Lobstah isn't so bad afta all.


  1. Otis. What a wonderful blog post. I think your costume is great. There is also something to be said about being unique. Anyone can be a super hero, but only you can be Otis the MaineLobster Poodle!
    BearHug! Happy Halloween!

  2. This is such a beautiful post Otis! Mom's eyes are leaking.... You are a wonderful furiend to everyone and we are all blessed to know you Otis! You're like the cowardly lion in the Wizard of Oz, scared of loud noises but with such a loving heart you'd do anything for the ones you love!
    Love you Otis!
    PS- you are the BEST Maine lobstah is the world!

  3. Otis, you iz soo cute i could eat you all up (kidding) if you were a hotdog wrapped in bacon...maybe! woof woof! You are one cute lobsta poodle, thanks for always making me and my mom smile! :) Love ya! BUZZY

  4. I loves your costume Otis. It's adorable on you. You are already a courageous doggie because you are so very kind and thoughtful to other anipals.

  5. I had to pull my Bichon hankie from the drawer. That was a beautiful and timeless post. Thanks for writing it, Otis.

    Fluffs, Niqqi