Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Power of Love


Mommy lets me tweet.  Dis wasn't always da case.  I am five years old now and we has had compooters in da house for awhile but I never went near them.  Da only time I was even a little interested was when mommy was on da compooter for awhile and I wanted her attention.  I wood jump up in her lap while she was typing.  I didn't understand what she was doing but it seemed important and fun.  Afta while I asked her if maybe I could twy to type too.  My paws is a little big but I was sure I could do it.  She said I could type on Twitter if I wanted to, she called it tweeting.  Dis sounded really good and so I began tweeting at da beginning of da summer.  I was so supwised to find so many udder doggies, kitties, rabbits and bears tweeting too.  Oh dis was wunderful because now I was gonna has my own furriends.  I met so many wunderful "anipals" on Twitter.

One of da special anipals was Petie da cat. (@Petiethecat - dats his name on Twitter if yoo wants to go find him).  I started to be furriends wif Petie and soon I found out dat he didn't feel too good.  He was going to da vet to get better but it was worrying his mommy and daddy so much.  Some of da udder anipals thought it wood be good to spend some time on Petie's porch waiting for him to come home from da vet and to see how he was doing.  Afta while it became a regular thing dat us anipals wood go to Petie's family lake house on da weekends to be close to Petie and to make him feel better and hopefully help him heal.

Weekend afta weekend during da summer we went to Petie's lake house and watched closely for anything we could do to help Petie get well.  Some of da things we did to help Petie get well was: waterskiing, mousemallow eatin, campfire cooking, hot balloon riding, canooing, kite flying, speedboat and sailboat riding, eating all day and all night, napping, telling ghost stories, singing campfire songs, swimming and even teaching some kitties how to swim too.  We set up tents and slept in our sleeping bags real close so we could stay warm and cuddly.  We had so much fun and wood send all our happy energy and love to Petie.  Before long Petie was getting better and better!  By da end of da summer Petie was feeling like his old self again.

We sent Petie love ever weekend.  I notice now dat my new furriends and me, we all send love to each udder ever day.  Imagine dat?  Dats a lesson for all of us to learn, hoomans specially. Da Power of Love is pwetty amazing I thinks.  I bet we could change da world if we sent love ever day out to ever one we knows.  I thinks we could heal lots of stuff, don't yoo thinks?


  1. I finks u iz wite, Otis! Mama let me go to da lake howse a bit dis summer too! I iz so happy dat Petie iz better! We seem to weally help all da ofer anipals n der hyoomans to feel better when dey duzznt feel so hot. I lyke yoor bloogie!

  2. It was a great time at the #lakewithPetie. Thanks to you too for all the many things you planned to make it a great time for all of us. Petie & his peeps will always remember those times. We're so happy Petie seems to be feeling better these days.

  3. Awww- fanks yoo for such nice bloggie post- purr
    love Petie

  4. You don't write very often, but when you write, you really say something impawtant. The power of love is amazing and I'm glad we get to experience that every day from each other.

  5. Hai Otis, ya know - I went on twitter to chase da birdies, but when I got dere I found so many nice pals dat I didn't want to do no harm to anywun. It's such a nice place filled with wunnerful pals like you & @PetieTheCat (I love him too!) Concatulations on a gr8 blog, @Isagold xox

  6. Amen Otis, Aaaaamen. The support for Petie has been wonderful, he is the most marvelous kitty guy and I am so proud and privileged to join in some the #lakewithPetie events.

    Lovely blog post, Otis.

  7. Dear Otis,
    What a lovely bloggie! Thank you for your wonderful powerful purrs! Purr Power and Paw Power makes for many miracles, indeed! Love to you and to all the animals! Always have much fun with dear bestest Petie! He is a very special kitteh! You are too dear Otis! xo

  8. Oh, dis is such an impawtant post! Luv is power, that is for sure and we anipals are just so good at spreading and sharing the luv! Thank you for reminding everyone about the power of luv.
    Your furiend, Oz

  9. Dearest Otis,
    I love this blog because it shows the healing power of love! I believe all of the anipals at #lakewithpetie helped him recover with their pawsitive energy. You are an extraspecial part of the whole thing-you brought your special joy for life to the weekends at #lakewithpetie! I am so happy to call you my furiend Otis! I love both you and @PetietheCat very much and hope we can share many more fun times together at #lakewithpetie!
    Love, LilyLuWhoT

  10. You did a wonderful job with #lakewithpetie, and we're glad we were able to contribute a smidgen of our own to it. The power of love is amazing, indeed.

    Your buddy, Mulder