Thursday, December 16, 2010


Lots of my furriends knows I likes my toys.  I seem to collect lots of em and dey just keep adding up and go to live in da basket in the living room.  Of course mommy is always twipping ova a toy of mine and she tells me all da time dat I should put dem away, but I forget to.  Truth be told I guess I don't really forget as much as want dem to be where I can gets dem quickly.  I leave toys all ova da place and sum places I even hide special toys I no want anyone to gets.

Da udder day I was cuddling wif mommy and we was watching da teevee.  I notice der be lots of commercials bout insurance.  Dey was talking bout how everbody should has insurance for der things dat be vewy special so if sumtin happens to dem da insurance company will replace dem. So, I was thinking dat maybe I better takes pictures of my toys and send dem to da insurance company so if I lose my toys dey can replace dem.

Dis be my halloween ball dat my girl Tallulah Belle gave me.  It sqweeks just right. *whispers* I kiss it when nobody lookin.

Dis is my favorite donut toy.  It doesn't sqweek but I likes to chew on it a lot.  Mommy says I looks like I is really eating a donut.

I gots dis toy last year and it has ridges in it.  It makes it really easy to catch it when daddy throws it in da air.
 Dis is yellow dog.  He gets real flat when I smoosh him.  He sqweeks really good too.

When I was preparing my insurance papers, mommy asked me what I was doing.  I splained to her bout da insurance stuff.  She said der is no insurance for lost pet toys.  I couldn't believe my ears!  "What do yoo mean? I asked.  She said dat insurance companies only insure things of value and dat my toys were not considered valuable.  She said dat she understood da toys are valuable to me and dat if I lose any of my toys she would replace dem for me.  She said I not need special insurance afta all.

I thinks us anipals ought to looks into dis for sure, but in da meantime, I is so vewy grateful to my mommy and daddy for always supplying me wif fun toys throughout da year.

It's Christmas time now and I knows dat I will prolly get more toys.  I knows dat sum anipals not has any toys.  Pwease, if yoo can, donate even a little bit to da Santa Paws Drive. cuz dey helps anipals who doesn't have anyfing at all, specially toys for Christmas.  Thanks Yoo!



  1. As always Otis you have written a wonderful bloggie entry! *whispers* it's just as well they won't insure our toys, that way we get new ones! I hope everyone makes a contribution to SantaPawsDrive too, all anipals should have a toy for Christmas! You're the best Otis-I luv you!
    <3 Lily

  2. I just loves your bloggy Otis. I hopes everyone supports SantaPawsDrive cuz the shelter anipals need to have a nice Christmas like we do. We're promoting it at Nipclub tonight too. Good job buddy.

  3. Oh, Otis. We are very lucky dawgs to have families that will replace all our lost and/or destroyed toys! I do hope everyone gives something to the Santa Paws Drive...every little bit helps and sometimes little bits add up to lots!
    xxx Oz

  4. Aww, that's what mommys are for :) If anything happened to your toys, she would replace them!

  5. Luvs da bloggy Otis my frwend, hope U get all da ins U needs 4 urs toys !!!!

  6. Don't worry Otis. The fun part of loosing a toy is getting a new one.

  7. Here from the pet blogger hop. I love your toys, especially the Halloween toy and the donut toy. Happy Holidays!

  8. Just popped over from pet bloggers hop..I rescue Mick the blind cat..
    Love your site..