Thursday, December 2, 2010

Someone to Watch Over Me

I loves to watch mommy and daddy when dey is doing stuff.  It doesn't matter what it is.  Sumtimes dey is cleaning da house and sumtines dey is just sittin.   I notice udder peoples too.  When I gets to go out wif mommy for a walk, we always passing by udder peoples on da stweet.  Dey always say, "Hello Otis", dats cuz lots of people knows me.  Even mommy says sumtimes, "How do yoo knows dat person Otis?".  Isn't dat funny?  I knows peoples she doesn't know.  I splain to her dat it because when my brofur takes me for a walkie, I meet peoples dat he knows.  I tell her I makes lots of furrends dat she doesn't know bout.

We has lots of doggies on our stweet and I makes furriends wif dem.  Der is Coco and Baily and Charlie and Jack.  Sumtimes I meets udder doggies dat not live on my stweet.  I neva forget a face either cuz next time I sees dem, I remember.

On my stweet when da udder doggies start to bark, we all do it.  I can hear dem all.  It not matter what time of day or night, we all bark to each udder ever day.  Da udder day Jack had sumtin to say so he bark to all da rest of us on da stweet.  It was kinda late and I was sleeping so he woke me up.  It was ok tho cuz dis way we kinda watch out for one a nudder.  If der is sumtin impawtant to say, we lets each udder know what it is.  Coco told me da udder day dat he was mad cuz his mommy not let him go out to play cuz it was too late.  Baily was complaining too cuz she not happy wif her dinner.  I dunno, it was sumtin bout her mommy changing da food.  When one doggie is sick, we bark to each udder to lets dem know bout it.  I is always feeling likes we watch ova each udder.

Mommy says dat sumtimes when she wakes up from sleeping I is watching her.  She said she likes it cuz she feels like I is watching ova her and making sure she is ok.  I thinks dat what yoo do when yoo loves sumbody.  Yoo gots to makes sure dey knows dat yoo is watching out for dem.  Dat way dey always feel safe.  I has furriends dat watch out for me too.  Sum of my furriends is on Twitter but sum of dem lives in my house, like bunny.  Bunny watches out for me all da time, specially when I is sleeping.

So here is da thing.  Pwease make sure yoo watch out for udder peoples and anipals, even if yoo don't knows dem yet. Cuz if yoo do, next time dey see yoo, dey gonna remember.


  1. You are such a sweet doggy to watch over your mom :)

  2. Awwww...that's such a sweet photo of Otis and the bunny!

  3. That is such a nice post Otis. I am glad to have you as a friend. BearHUG!